MWC Service and Warranty Support

Non Warranty Repairs

Here at MWC we believe in making service and repairs as straightforward as possible and rather that quoting for each individual service item such as a cracked crystal, scratched case, damaged hand or full service we quote a set price. This benefits everyone because there is nothing worse than sending a watch  into a watchmaker and having him replace the crystal only for the owner to discover upon its return that there was a glass fragment in the movement or that a battery swap is needed shortly after the repair which then requires the watch to be returned a second time. Experience has taught us that working on a set repair and service price system also speeds things up because the repair will generally be prepaid which saves time because it allows our watchmaker to replace any parts as he sees fit rather than dismantling the watch first then sending the quote and then carrying out the repair once it has all been agreed and paid for which is frankly a time consuming procedure which in the past did not work well for our clients.

IMPORTANT: If you have purchased an additional strap or changed the strap on the watch for a strap bought elsewhere DO NOT return the item not related to the original purchase because if the watch is exchanged (as opposed to repaired)  it is very possible the item will not be returned with the replacement watch especially if its not an actual factory item.


PRICES BELOW ARE IN US$/ EUR / GBP Please note we accept payments in most major currencies -----

Quartz Vietnam Watches - any repair or full service

$22.00 / €17.50 / £15.00 -----

G10LM - any repair or full service

$35.00 / €28.50 / £25.00 -----

G10BH / G10 100m (non GTLS Tritium) -  any Repair or full service

$55.00 / €44.50 / £39.00 -----

GG-W-113 / A-11 / G10 Automatic / Aviator / MKIII / Classic / Divers Watches (except GTLS) - any Repair or full service

$91.50 / €74.00 / £65.00 -----

Chronograph MKII, MKIII or MKIV, NATO Chronograph - any Repair or full service

$91.50 / €74.00 / £65.00 -----

G10SL Tritium GTLS and GTLS Divers Models - any Repair or full service

$126.50 / €102.50 / £90.00 ----- Generally watches will either be repaired or in some cases if parts are not available at the time or they are beyond economic repair (for example with sea water ingress or severe damage to multiple components) we will authorise an exchange for a new watch of the same type or if the watch is obsolete the current version.

PLEASE NOTE: We charge a flat fee of US$12.50 / €10.25 / £9.00  to cover the return postage cost for shipping an item back to any location worldwide. This covers the return of your watch by registered and insured mail (or UPS, DPD etc depending on location) which is fully trackable please fill out our the form at the link below and we can send a credit card or PayPal payment link.

Quartz Vietnam Watches - any repair or

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For more useful tips regarding watches in general go to this link at Timepiece Service Centre who are one of our service centers