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The MWC warranty provides coverage for manufacturing defects as set out in our warranty policy. Generally MWC will action the required  work as soon we receive your watch and confirm the details which were filed on the service return sheet.  All warranty repairs are subject to the examination of the fault by Timepiece Service Center who are our main appointed service agents with whom we work closely.  We also carry out some repairs ourselves in Switzerland and Germany.

Depending on the nature of the fault our warranty covers the repair or replacement of the customer’s watch with either the same model or a superior model if a direct replacement is unavailable. Our service staff are tasked with determining whether it is better to repair or replace the watch and this will be based on which option they conclude is the best course after carrying out a thorough examination.

One other factor to keep in mind is that batteries can fail at anytime and the battery in a water resistant watch should be changed only by the manufacturer or an approved service agent so that the seal can be checked and renewed if necessary. If this is not done, the watch can no longer be guaranteed water resistant. In the event any type of repair or warranty work is required during the term of the warranty period  is required it MUST be carried out by MWC or an authorized and pre approved repair center. If the work is carried out by an unauthorized party the warranty may be invalidated.

The Warranty Includes:

  • Failure of the movement
  • Hands coming loose off
  • The crystal falling out
  • Condensation or flooding on models rated 50m/165ft water resistant or higher and where the crown is fully in position
  • Defects during manufacture
  • In the case of Tritium GTLS watches we cover the vials detaching from the dial or hands

The Warranty Excludes:

  • The cystal becoming scratched, damaged or shattered
  • The winder (crown) stem being damaged or broken or the winder coming off the case
  • Bezels or interts becoming gouged, scratched, loose or lost
  • Strap or bracelet becoming damaged or broken
  • Watch case becoming scratched, gouged, broken or damaged in any way
  • Loss of strap pins whether screw, fixed or spring
  • Defects arising due to misuse of the watch or by negligence or accidental abuse
  • Defects or damage caused by the attempted repair of an unauthorised service centre
  • Flooding or condensation due to the crown being left out of position, including thermal shock which may result in condensation inside the watch if a warm watch which for example has been in the sun is suddenly exposed to an extremely cold environment such as diving into a cold pool
  • Failure of the Tritium GTLS pressurized glass vials. The failure of the vials is not covered due to the nature of the technology which cannot be warranted against breakage although failures are extremely rare
  • Use of the watch in a bath or shower which will cause damage to the seals

IMPORTANT: The GTLS tritium vials on some watches as pictured below (generally with encircled T on the dial) are a specialist item and should not be removed by anyone unfamiliar with the technology.

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For more useful tips regarding watches in general go to this link at Timepiece Service Centre who are one of our watchmakers